MLBPA-New Supplements Added to Banned List

Major League Baseball has taken their rightful kick in the nuts the past few years. In the media there have been story after story about players and steroids. Many of these players were potential Hall of Famers that have now questionable records. We can all thank Mr. Jose Canseco  and his book for exposing the extent of the abuse. Recently,  the MLB Players Association announced it has added a new list of banned supplements. This in an attempt to catch those players masking their real steroid use. The premise is simple, if you test positive for the banned supplement list you will more likely face further testing which may lead to suspension from the league.

MLB has definitely gotten more stringent from fines to suspensions. In the past players using supplements were blaming them for testing positive for anabolics. This can no longer be the case. It has now outlined  both steroids and supplements that are banned and prohibited.

Before there were only 21 supplements on the list. Now there are a full 104 total items called the “Dangerous Contaminated Supplements” list. You can see the entire list here. Making it public allows all athletic trainers, strength coaches, and any off-season dietitians to be closely scrutinized by everyone in and out of the organization.

Only time will tell if this is a positive move for baseball. Their image is so tarnished at this point that something seems better than nothing. My humble advice is that if you are in professional sports and are not absolutely certain that the supplements you are taking are allowed in your sport, STOP taking it all together.

Source:Natural Product Insider


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