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PCB Danger in Omega 3 Fish Oils

There is a recent uproar in the supplement industry. Everyone knows that fish oils or omega’s are an important supplement that should be taken on a daily basis. There are many benefits to taking omega 3’s fish oils. Omega 3’s help with pain managment and inlammatory joint issues. It also helps in brain functions and prevents cardiovascular disease.  I have always been a huge advocate of omega as a standard supplenment in everyone’s regimen.

Recently as many as 10 omega 3 manufactures including GNC & Twinlabs have been named in lawsuits in California. The lawsuit claims there are high levels of Polychlorinated Bihenyl Compounds or PCB in these manufacture’s fish oils and they have failed to properly communicate such levels on their labels. High or unsafe levels PCB have been linked to cancer and birth defects.

Omega 3 usually comes from cod liver or salmon liver. It does not matter where the fish is caught or the enviroment, all cod and salmon have some trace of PCB. What the manufacture’s are failing to do is properly purify and get rid of most of the PCB. Also, they are failing to test their batches for adequate state levels. Each test costs about $1,000 and it seems in an ill attempt to save money these manufacture’s are putting us at risk.

As this news continues to develop I urge all of you to read…read..and reread your labels. Also, search who you’re buying your omega’s from and do a simple search on Google to learn how they purify the omega 3’s. I also urge all of you to look for a blended omega. Blended omega’s contain omega 3-6-9 which gives you more benefits than just an omega 3. Usually when you take a blended omega the purifications and filtering processes are more stringent. I will blog soon about the benefits of blended omega 3-6-9.

Source: Mercury News & Fish Oil Safety

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MLBPA-New Supplements Added to Banned List

Major League Baseball has taken their rightful kick in the nuts the past few years. In the media there have been story after story about players and steroids. Many of these players were potential Hall of Famers that have now questionable records. We can all thank Mr. Jose Canseco  and his book for exposing the extent of the abuse. Recently,  the MLB Players Association announced it has added a new list of banned supplements. This in an attempt to catch those players masking their real steroid use. The premise is simple, if you test positive for the banned supplement list you will more likely face further testing which may lead to suspension from the league.

MLB has definitely gotten more stringent from fines to suspensions. In the past players using supplements were blaming them for testing positive for anabolics. This can no longer be the case. It has now outlined  both steroids and supplements that are banned and prohibited.

Before there were only 21 supplements on the list. Now there are a full 104 total items called the “Dangerous Contaminated Supplements” list. You can see the entire list here. Making it public allows all athletic trainers, strength coaches, and any off-season dietitians to be closely scrutinized by everyone in and out of the organization.

Only time will tell if this is a positive move for baseball. Their image is so tarnished at this point that something seems better than nothing. My humble advice is that if you are in professional sports and are not absolutely certain that the supplements you are taking are allowed in your sport, STOP taking it all together.

Source:Natural Product Insider

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Glutamine is the most essential amino acid in the body needed to build slabs of muscle. The body produces it in low amounts, and we who are in the fitness industry want our levels to be higher than average because of the stress we put on our bodies by lifting weights & doing cardio. This little gem of supplement has been in every bodybuilder’s cupboard for decades. Let’s examine its benefits below.

Many of us hear all sorts of fancy words being thrown around in the gym. I am sure if you are a newbie to both the gym and supplements, one of these words is Glutamine or L-Glutamine. Glutamine is an essential building block of protein, and protein is how our bodies build muscle. Glutamine helps promote muscle growth by increasing levels of Branch Chain Amino Acid or Lucein in the muscle.

We get most of the glutamine in our bodies through diet sources like plant and animal proteins. Some examples of the proteins are beef, pork and poultry, milk, yogurt, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, raw spinach, raw parsley, and cabbage.

Taking glutamine as a supplement helps prevent your muscle mass from being reduced like a prune. Taking it as a pre-workout, glutamine halts lactic acid build up preventing your muscles from getting fatigued too quickly and also promotes higher levels of GH (growth hormone) in the body making it as essential as a post workout supplement.

Glutamine is available in many forms. I prefer powder because I can just mix it in a protein shake. It also comes in capsule form usually in 500mg. If you don’t mind taking many pills then this might be the best for you. I have seen even liquid forms of glutamine pop up on the internet and supplement stores but I am not sure this would be the best option, because BCAA are bitter in taste and it is very hard to mask.

Dosing glutamine can be very confusing. Always follow the directions on the bottle regardless of what people tell you. As a standard I always go with 5-10 grams with breakfast, another 5-10 grams pre-workout and another 5-10 grams post workout, making it 15 to 30 grams per day.

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John McCain-No Longer Supports The Dietary Supplement Safety Act

As some of you may know on Feb 24th I wrote the Save Our Supplements Post , which spoke about how John McCain introduced a bill that could potentially change the face of the supplement industry.  There is a very interesting development in this story.

I have recently read on a republican blog that a senate staffer has confirmed that John McCain, who co-introduced the bill has withdrawn his support . He will now collaborate with Senator Hatch from Utah on a less intensive alternative that hopefully will not hurt the industry or its consumers.

It was only a matter of time before Hatch came to the forefront being himself the author of a previous bill called “Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act” introduced in 1994.  This is the letter Senator Hatch wrote Senator McCain thanking him for withdrawing his support of “The Dietary Supplement Safety Act”.  This does not mean that the supplement industry is in the clear.  Only time will tell what revisions and language they will adjust as an alternative.

In the meantime I will continue to urge everyone to write to your congressman/congresswoman here.


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There is a new ingredient in the market for the battling of weight loss and fat burning. Allow me to introduce you to “Oligonol”. This may just be the next best fat burner in the supplement world.

Oligonol comes from the lychee, which are the increasingly popular tiny white fruits that are often served in Martini’s. There have been studies that indicate that patients have lost significant abdominal fat due as a result of taking this little miracle extract. Additional studies need to be done before it comes to the market as a fat burner, but I’m certain someone has already patented the process of extracting the oligonol from the lychee to be used as a thermogenic.

As of the date of this post there are no fat burners from the top tier supplement companies that contain oligonol as an ingredient, but it can be found on line as an antioxidant in pill form. It is likely that will soon change as I am sure manufactures will scramble to put this in a pill and advertise it’s fat burning benefits to everyone.

Be on the look out for it as it could very well be the next big thing.


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Arnold Sports Festival

This weekend is the annual Arnold Sports Festival which is held in Columbus, Ohio. The Arnold has grown to the second biggest supplement and bodybuilding event in the country only behind to the Olympia.

For those that do not know the Arnold started back in 1989 by Arnold Shwarzennegger and Jim Lorimer. Back then it was a simple pro bodybuilding event which Rich Gaspari was the very first winner of.

The Arnold now attracts more than 18,000 athletes that compete in 44 different sporting events. There are upwards of 200,000 expo attendees at any given time. The biggest supplement companies can all be found at the Arnold with their booths, samples, shirts, and sometimes a new product. You can also meet your favorite bodybuilder, fitness model, or MMA fighter. Usually they will sign autographs and pose for pictures.

If you follow the supplement industry or bodybuilding this is an event I highly reccomend. This year I am not attending but I am putting all efforts to the 2011 Arnold. I hope you too make plans to join me.

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